Improve Web Browsing

One of the problems I have with the N800 is that it is not very intuitive to use; it is very much a geek’s toy. Here is an example of what I mean. The N800 uses the Opera browser by default, and there are neat buttons at the top of the device for switching the browser to full screen, zooming in, or zooming out. Since the screen resolution is 800 x 600, most pages render well but the text can be small and hard to read. So, you press the Zoom Plus button to zoom the view, and then you are stuck with left and right scrolling, which is not a good experience. Now wouldn’t it be nice if the browser would reformat the display so that you don’t have ot scroll left and right as you zoom?

Well, the browser does have such a setting. At the lower right of the screen you see an icon of a magnifying glass with a plus sign on it, tap it. Next tap Optimized view on the pop up menu. Optimized view is the setting that you want to have the page reformat whe you zoom in or out to prevent scrolling left or right. Sure would be nice if it this was on by default, but apparently not. This one little setting has significantly improved the browsing experience for me.

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