Updating The N800

Nokia released an update to the N800 late last week and I just installed it on my N800. I was impressed with the install process that went pretty smoothly, prompting me to backup and restore the device so that I don’t lose my data. Unfortunately, the backup does NOT include any applications that were installed on the device so gone are GAIM and Gizmo Project and any other apps that I may have installed, resulting in a disappointing upgrade experience.

Nokia is not alone in this type of thing, every Windows Mobile update results in a complete wipe of the device and you can’t restore, but I don’t understand why these companies find this to be acceptable. How hard can it be to find a way to backup and restore applications as well as data? At the very least it would be nice if the device could store a catalog of the apps that I did have on the device that could be backed up so that it could provide me with guidance on what to install.

Since I just performed the update I haven’t had a chance to check out most of the new features, however I did try Skype, which is probably the main “new” thing included in the update. Well, the update really just includes an icon to the Skype install, which started the app manager but never really kicked off the install. I had to scroll through the app library, find Skype, and install it. Granted, that’s easy enought to do, but still not a very smooth install process. Skype appears to be working, but noone on my contact list is available at the moment so I haven’t head a chance to really try it out.

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One Comment on “Updating The N800”

  1. Toontje Says:

    You basically fresh install the OS. That’s why the apps get lost. You can back up your application settings so when you reinstall the apps, no data or settings are lost.

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