Installing Applications

One of the things I find most frustrating about using the Nokia N800 is the process for installing applications. In short, it seems to never work as described on the web sites. For example, I am trying to install the recently-released Mozilla Browser. The instructions on the web site tell me to click a link with the page open on the N800, then select “Open” from the “File download” dialog. That starts the Application Manager, and what is supposed to happen is that the repository is added and then the application is supposed to install. This is where things break because I keep getting a dialog saying that the application list cannot be refreshed and then nothing happens. The application doesn’t install no matter how many times I try to get it work. What I have to do is manually go into the catalog, which tells me hasn’t been refreshed since April, and manually find the install file which I have to ascertain from the link that I clicked.  I’ve hardly had problems installing applications in Windows Mobile, but almost everytime the process for installing applications on the N800 does not work as instructed.

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4 Comments on “Installing Applications”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I have had my n800 for about 5 months now. The only installation “problems” I have had were for programs that were still in a beta status. It sounds like you have not installed the latest firmware which came out earlier this month. I believe it is required before the beta version of mozilla will work. I installed the beta mozilla a few nights ago (from the application manager — I did not use the web link). There are two parts to be installed, and both installed without a hitch. What I didn’t realize until I went back and re-read the installation instructions was that this new browser is not a separate application, rather, the update installs a mozilla browser engine that replaces/deactivates the opera browser engine. So when you restart the browser, you will be using the new mozilla engine. You will get a new start page reflecting this…. and just for the record, I have owned dozens of pda’s…. palm, every flavor of Windows CE (no matter what they call it), and linux… and nothing is as unstable as Windows mobile… no matter how “easy” the apps are to install (and most require a pc for the install – ie you can’t install from the device itself)… I have found the n800 to be a joy to use and work with… good luck, and send me an email if you need help…

  2. Toontje Says:

    There is probably a repository not responding well. Check the Application Manager log and disable the repository that is behaving badly.
    This is make your application list refreshing correctly and you will be able to install Mozilla.
    Don’t blame a device/platform for the fact that you don’t know how it works.


  3. Fred Hughes Says:

    I have updated to the latest version of software several times but still don’t have Skype up and running

  4. fjmn800 Says:

    I have the latest firmware installed, and I suspect that Toontje is right that there is a problem with a repository. My point is that I find the whole process of the repositories and the application manager confusing and I suspect that any new user will find it confusing too.

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